FLAGSHIP - Expected Results

Monitoring systems for real-time assessment of hulls will extend the life of the existing fleet of Tankers and Bulk Carriers by up to 5 years.

Monitoring tools for fuel efficiency indicators shall assist ship owners to improve energy efficiency by up to 10%.

The decision support frame will reduce the time for a user's decision by a factor of 2 compared to present bridge installations.

A factor 2 improvement will also show up in support systems for nautical operations, and in particular in increased awareness of the navigation scenario, increased safety of nautical decisions and in the increased speed of nautical decisions.

Alarm filtering will reduce bridge alarms in a given scenario (breakdown in auxiliary systems) by 80% and in the general operational scenario by 20%.

Support systems for rule compliance will improve the speed of text look up with at least a factor 2 while also improving the quality of the search.

Scheduling and repositioning of empties will distribute the load more evenly along the day, cutting average waiting time by about 26% and therefore reducing queues and speeding up the containership's operations.

A prognosis and assessment tool for emergency management will demonstrate 2 to 10 times improvements in prognosis generation speeds and result reliability in fire and smoke propagation, hull damage and flooding.