FLAGSHIP - Objectives


The rapid development of satellite communication and the Internet have provided the means by which data can be gathered instantaneously and in large amounts. However, data is not knowledge, it is only the pre-requisite for knowledge. Knowledge results from analysing the data and processing it intelligently so that it can be acted upon either in an automatic fashion or by humans which are either acting in isolation or in an integrated (though possibly geographically fragmented) group.

The vision of FLAGSHIP is to create the mechanism by which the expertise of all the required actors can be brought together in real time, independently of their location, and given to the right people, in the right format, at the right time and incorporating the highest level of knowledge, so that they can better manage all the questions which confront a ship operator: issues relating to the ship itself and its equipment (e.g. hull monitoring, equipment diagnostics, maintenance planning), its day-to-day operation (e.g. navigation, cargo, rule compliance) as well as emergencies and other exceptional situations (collision, fire, etc.)