FLAGSHIP - Working Methods


RTD activities are organised in four work packages (A to D). Other work packages will demonstrate the results on three different vessel categories and carry out training of users.

WP A. Technical operations and technical management: The focus of this work package is on the ship and the ship's equipment. Emphasis is on early detection of problems, efficient diagnosis and timely repair; also on long-term efficiency and savings by optimised monitoring and maintenance.

WP B. Nautical operation and support: Improved day-to-day ship operation on ship and in shore office is a priority. Emphasis is on improvement of safety and efficiency in light of more complex tasks and changes in crew responsibilities and composition.

WP C. Emergency management: Improved emergency management tools both onboard and ashore. Prognosis and consequence assessment for alternative actions, as well as on-board and on-shore simulator systems to prepare for a given action.

WP D. Support actions:  This will cover: ICT infrastructure; Health and Safety, Organisation & Processes; and, Incentives & Controls.