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FLAGSHIP-ISEMS Delivers Integrated Ship To Shore Incident Response

24-Mar-2011 - FLAGSHIP has developed an integrated, ship to shore system, for the control and monitoring of passenger safety functions on board ship utilising both fixed and mobile assets. Called FLAGSHIP-ISEMS (Integrated Safety and Emergency Management System), the system enhances the onboard ability to handle emergencies while also making full use of real-time communication between the ship and onshore facilities. Both parties have a full overview of the actual situation and can exchange requests, advice and instructions in real time. This enables effective assistance from on shore teams in an emergency situation as well as making drills and training much more effective.

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FLAGSHIP-RCS presents world first semantic maritime search engine offering saving potential of €8.94 million per year

28-Feb-2011 - FLAGSHIP has successfully developed the first intelligent regulatory search and automated form filling system known as FLAGSHIP-RCS (Regulatory Compliance Support). The system could significantly reduce the regulatory compliance and administrative burden ship owners and operators currently experience with estimates indicating a 50% time saving, compared with conventional text based search methods. If every European ship adopted automated form filling this could lead to a total time cost saving in the region of €8.94 million per year

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FLAGSHIP-DSS reduces on-board risk of fire and flooding

16-Feb-2011 - FLAGSHIP has successfully delivered the first advanced emergency situation management tool for fire and flooding with integrated ship to shore real time reporting. The system, known as FLAGSHIP-DSS (Decision Support System) delivers an accurate, early prediction of how a fire or flooding may impact on a ship at any given time. The system enables efficient decision-making in distress situations, reducing risk and enhancing the effectiveness of mitigating actions

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FLAGSHIP-EEM enables reduction in fleet-wide fuel consumption

8-Feb-2011 - FLAGSHIP has achieved major advances in accurately measuring on-board power requirements and thereby enabling a reduction in fuel consumption through the development of FLAGSHIP-EEM (Energy Efficiency Monitoring). The system enables data acquisition and analysis to continuously evaluate power requirements at every stage of a vessel's voyage. The system provides information that enables improved fuel consumption that can reduce both operational costs and its environmental impact

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FLAGSHIP TCI improves engine performance monitoring, lowers fuel consumption and reduces emissions

26-Jan-2011 - FLAGSHIP, the pan-European maritime transport project part funded by the EU, has developed a monitoring system that applies the Technical Condition Indexing scheme (TCI) to help a ship's crew monitor and improve the technical condition of the engines. The deployment of the FLAGSHIP-TCI system can help a ship's crew to enhance voyage safety, lower fuel consumption and reduce the emission of air pollutants

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FLAGSHIP-HCA enables accurate hull condition forecasting for improved maintenance and investment

17-Jan-2011 - FLAGSHIP has successfully developed software that can forecast the condition of a ship's hull over time to help improve the efficacy of surveys and reduce the amount of time a ship is out of service. FLAGSHIP-HCA (Hull Condition Assessment) is designed to accurately predict the condition of a vessel's structure, coating and components, enabling ship owners and operators to schedule maintenance in a more efficient manner and thereby reduce maintenance costs while improving safety at sea.

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FLAGSHIP-RTS reduces emissions and congestion at Port of Valencia

11-Jan-2011 - FLAGSHIP has successfully implemented the first real-time optimisation system targeting congestion in container terminals. The system, known as FLAGSHIP-RTS was trialled at the Port of Valencia and plans transport resources, container repositioning movements and inventory levels simultaneously, using a real time scheduling model. This allows the terminal operation to be re-optimised dynamically throughout the day enabling both air pollution and congestion to be significantly reduced, as well as generating substantial savings for logistics operators and customers

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